Sexual Alchemy in the 21st Century

Can it be possible to make love and have that amazing experience contribute to longevity?IMG_7432

Can the brain be nourished with the powerful sexual energy generated from our reproductive organs, hormones, and glands?  In the Taoist practice of Internal Sexual Alchemy there are three main ingredients that transforms this theory into a healing reality. **ORGASM, COMPASSION, LOVE**

The practices of channeling  our orgasmic sexual energy to transform, regenerate, strengthen our internal organs, and improve our immunity is the foundation of our life force.   To learn more about the specific individual and dual cultivation partnered practices please visit

Solla Pizzuto is a Global Wellness Educator and Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor.





Tao and Tantra, Beautiful Union

Tao Tantra Journey

AAahhh, the loveliness of blending the two worlds of Taoism and Tantra Endeavors.  To embrace Taoist practices is to experience mastery of living a vibrant healthy conscious life. The Tantra practitioner brings it all together with loving awareness. Together, the integration is a fantastic recipe for a full and gratifying long life.  When the two Ancient modalities are infused in our daily life, what emerges gracefully is a beautiful flow like the melodies of exquisite music.

My personal experience as a Taoist Tantra Practitioner is described in my poem…

Splendidness of a Tao Tantra Journey, Blissful Music
The music is sweet, tantalizing, soothing as it caresses the soul ..
Inspiring one to move in various rhythmic ancient forms to the grace of the lovely melodies …
Enchanting….Blissfully Inviting …Complete Surrender to Nature….
Alas what remains is staying in utter presence and soaking in the blessings
set before me…..
How I adore painting that beautiful canvas of nature and of human beings …
The smell, the feeling, the sounds, the energy undeniably calling on all my senses to create an experience of love, joy, and pleasure.
The eyes and energy of a person guiding me …
Leading me the way…
To their deepest inner workings …Imagination soaring with creative juices…
An aliveness of spirit…Glorious wonderment unleashed.
I revel at the way in which allowing things to unfold naturally ..
Takes me there… in utter guidance as I hold the space for unconditional love and presence.

One of my greatest delight is to facilitate a beautiful Tantra Journey for couples.  The Tantra sessions are created on the spot for couples seeking an experience of a soul to soul heart connection.  Endowed with the richness of practical rituals of honoring, worship, and presence.

I take the couples to a place where they are gifting each other with open hearts, expansion, conscious love, and deeper connection. They are also empowered to Tao Tantra homecare practices to infuse what they’re learned in their private sessions for applications in their daily life with family and relationships.

Each time I am honored to guidance in these rituals of love connection, I gain immense personal growth as a human being and am humbled over …again ..and again…

Please join Solla for an Amazing Life Tranformational One week Event Seminar with the Masters.  Taoist Grandmaster Mantak Chia and Tantra Guru Charles Muir.

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Tantra In Everyday Life Part I

Tantra Beginnings Part I: Gifts to the Children

I left the Tantra Circle with an wonderful afterglow and in eager anticipation to join up with my family.

They were waiting for me to join them for dinner at a friend’s gathering.  I was so happy to see the kids.  I swooped each kid up and showered them with kisses.

Dinner with friends at this new Persian Restaurant was so enjoyable and the kids had a great time amongst the friends.

Later that night before bedtime, the kids were motivated to quicken their nighttime routine with a promise of a “bedtime massage” from Mommy.

The eldest ( 11year old ) allowed the younger (7 year old) to go first in hopes I will give the later a longer massage.

All was quiet and my sweet ‘lil guy was all ‘prepped’ and ready.  After delightful giggles and aaaahs from his session, it was my sunshine girl’s turn.  She waited patiently studying my moves so she can practice later..

During the massages I snuck in the deep breathing.  The kids are so receptive to following the flow of my breath…and all throughout the massages, being ever so present.

My son and I gazed into each other’s eyes…often times he can read my thoughts so easily through my eyes.

This time I asked him to stare into my eyes a bit longer to see if he can see me talk through them without words spoken..

“Sweetness, see if you can see Mommy say ‘ I love you’  through my eyes..” is what I said to him.

I looked at his sweet porcelain doll like face with crimson cheeks…those big amethyst brown eyes adorned with an abundance of long lashes…

We gazed with such loving light…”Mom I love you so much” he says.

He placed his little hands on my face and stroked  with such tenderness.  We embraced and more showering of kisses.  After his massage, he eagerly tries his hand in massaging me while I work on my sunshine girl..

When it was Mommy’s  turn to lie down, each of the  children had cultivated their own massage technique and was practicing on me…

They’ve already acquired  intuitively healing hands and so eager to please..

It was time for bed. My son hums a night lullaby and I sing a bedtime tune with delicious..I go crazy in love each time.

I go to my  daughter we kiss goodnight and give each other hugs…

She looks up and says with a smile from ear to ear.. ” Mommy I’m so happy you’re my mommy..”


Health and Vitality: Ancient Taoist Secrets

Taoist Roots to Female Health and Sexual Vitality

Taoism comes from China’s rich heritage and traditions which emboddies Buddhism, Confucianism, Ancient Folk’s belief and Shamanism. The Taoists had a core purpose: They sought immortality and immunity from diseases of all kinds. The beneficial side effects of this health endeavor resulted in intense pleasure and spiritualization of the body.  Like alchemists, they sought out the secrets of transmutation.  For example like the tranformation of lead into gold, the Taoist alchemists were intensely in pursuit of transforming living flesh into immortal essence.

The ancient secrets lies largely from drawing sexual energy.  The idea is that it aims to bring the body to such an elevated state of vitality that it is invulnerable to the invasion of disease

 Many modalities and practices evolved from this system of maintaining internal balance and harmony, such as Chi Nei Tsang (Internal organ balancing and applied Chi Kung), and for women; the Jade Egg Exercises, an age old Taoist sexual practice for vibrant health.

Chi Nei Tsang

CNT was first used five thousand years ago by Taoist monks in their monasteries to help detoxify, strengthen, and refine their bodies in order to maintain the energy needed for their higher spiritual pursuits. The modality of Chi Nei Tsang is applied Chi-Kung to the body.  A seasoned CNT Practitioner has developed their own chi through Taoist Chi Kung practices and facilitates the interexchange of chi flow between themselves and the recipients of the Chi Nei Tsang therapy.

 It begins on the abdomen with deep, soft and gentle touches, to train internal organs to work more efficiently and involves working with the entire body. Unprocessed emotional charges are also addressed in this manner, as well as all of the body systems: digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, muscular-skeletal, and the acupuncture meridian system (Chi).

 The Jade Egg

Originally, exercise with Jade Eggs was created and evolved in the Royal Palace of ancient China.  The secret of this practice was only taught to the queens and concubines to improve a woman’s personal health both physically and spiritually, since the exercises concentrate on the area of the body known to contain the creation energy or Chi.  The women remained young and bountiful with sexual organs in old age as tight and resilient as those of a young unmarried lady.

The process lifts sexual energy inward and upward where it is transformed into higher spiritual energy. Tonifying the sexual organs with the consistant practice of Jade Eggs will support, balance hormones, promote vitality and radiance.

Nutrition and Internal Cleansing

The diet and internal cleansing is an essential part of the the holistic endeavor of wellness.  A well rounded regime of homecare involving breath work, meditation, chi kung, yoga therapies, whole body fitness and wholesome organic food plus detox programs will promote longevity and superior health.

Written by Solla Pizzuto, Taoist Longevity Practitioner

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